Dog day care

Our Dog Centre offers offer your dog freedom to run, play, swim and socialise with other dogs in acres of secluded land.

In addition to the outdoor space we offer great indoor facilities to rest and chill, out of the wind and rain if the weather takes the customary English turn, so come what may you can be assured that they are always safe and comfortable.

At all times they are very carefully looked after by our fully trained and experienced staff, who take great pride in their ability to understand and bond with all the dogs in our care, the majority of whom come to us every week. Several of our clients have been sending their dogs to us for many years (we have been in business now for over 10 years), which is a testament to the quality of our service and the trust our clients have in us.

Consequently, as part of our 'pack', the dogs are totally relaxed and view themselves as being members of our large extended family. With help from us, nervous dogs and puppies learn quickly to fit in and socialise with other dogs and people. We take puppies from 8 weeks old once they have been fully vaccinated.

All our vans are new and fully customised, providing secure and comfortable cage accommodation in a completely air conditioned environment.

Our picking up and dropping off hours from monday to friday are:

Morning between: 8 am - 10 AM
Afternoon Between 4 Pm - 6 PM

Weekends, only if agreed with us, are between

11 AM - 1 PM    And/Or  3 PM - 5 PM

Areas we collect and deliver:
Clapham / Brixton / Stockwell / Battersea / Wandsworth / Fulham / Tooting / Balham / Streatham / Crystal Palace / Dulwich 

Dog Grooming

  • Full  grooming: clipping / scissors / hand stripping 
  • "Pawdicure" - claws: clipping / filing / paws wax to avoid cracks 
  • Shower only with towel dry
  • Shower and hand blow dry (tidy up and knot removal)
  • Bath / massage, hand dry finish
  • Deep fur hydration (designed for fluffy dogs with damaged fur)
  • Teeth treatment - removal of brown scale, gel whitening and finishing with mouthwash
  • Anal glands - emptying anal glands
  • Ears plucking - to avoid wet ears and avoiding bacterias to grow


Vet visits

In the event of your dog requiring medical treatment, for an additional charge we can also arrange for your dog to be taken to and collected from the vet of your choosing.


Dog Boarding

We will look after your dog for you while you are away or on holiday. Your dog will live at our home as a family pet and attend the Day Care Centre every day, continuing to mix with all of their usual friends. Our philosophy of providing stability and continuity means that our boarding service is only available to our regular clients who use our services for at least one day each week.

Personalised Dog Care:

  • Individually arranged quiet time for dogs who need special care after an operation or illness. 
  • Female puppies  first season only (separated from unneutered dogs) 
  • Specialist care for puppies from the age of 8 weeks that have not yet been fully inoculated. 
  • Care for elderly dogs, balancing need for exercise and companionship with need for solitude and quiet.
  • Later or earlier picking up and delivery.


Care of Keys

We recommend that you leave your keys with us if you are going to use our services. They are kept very securely on our premises, and are coded to ensure they are not identifiable to other people. However, if you want us to collect them from you at every visit there will be an additional charge for this service after the first time. We are fully insured, and all employees are CRB checked.