Price list

Dog Day Care

Occasional service  £45/day
Regular service  £40/day
Weekends day care £45/day for regular -  £50 for occasional clients
Trial day £40

Bookings on: 07305293141

Special picking up/delivery with exact time can be arranged (must check availability) £50 each way


  • From £60 full grooming
  • From £40 Bath/shower (depends on breed/size)
  • From £50 Shower hand dry (depends on breed/size)
  • From £20 clipping nails
  • From £10 wax paw (to avoid cracks)
  • From £20 ears plucking (depends on breed/size)
  • From £60 teeth cleaning – tartar removal
  • From £20 emptying anal glands (depends on breed/size)
  • From £30 Puppies first grooming

Dog Party

From £200 we can organise a doggie birthday party 

Vet vists

From £30 (per hour)


From £50 per day (we DO NOT charge per night but per day)

High season (20 December - 2 January) add £10/day
(Easter - Bank Holidays) add £5/day
(summer 15 July - 15 September) add £10/day

Personalised Dog Care

from £40/day (depends on breed/size)

Care of Keys

If we have to give back the keys and collect again will be a charge of £30