7 reasons to groom your dog regularly

Dog being groomed

We all know that ‘Just stepped out of a salon’ feeling after a human haircut. There’s nothing quite like it and there’s no reason why we shouldnt give the same look and feeling to our beloved pooches as well. A good groom not only helps them smell great and tame those flyaway locks, but there are a whole host of other benefits of grooming your dog too.

1. To get rid of dead skin

Brushing your dog is not only soothing for them, but is also important to keep their coat healthy and glossy. It’s a vital part of their health as you’re also removing dead fur, skin cells and dandruff that might otherwise stay stuck in their coat. It also stimulates and spreads natural oils in your dog’s fur, leaving them looking shiny and healthier and preventing that annoying shedding all over your house.
Brushing also helps your dog avoid matted or clumped hair. Mats can cause major skin irritation and hold bacteria or parasites. Brushing your dog won’t just help their coat and skin health, but their overall health, as well.

2. To help prevent fleas and ticks

Although the obvious reason we tend wash our pups is to get rid of the dirt / muck / fox poo they collected when playing outside, one of the more important reasons is to prevent or spot flea and tick infestations. Regularly bathing your dog helps you spot them, and then you can remove them.

3. To protect their feet and avoid nail complications

A dog’s Paw Pads can become matted, so must be regularly checked, clipped and tidied up. These areas can become hard with dirt, causing discomfort and are easy to miss if your pup has a shorter body hair but thicker leg/paw hair. Nail trimming can be notoriously tricky, as the shorter you cut, the closer you get to the part of the nails with blood vessels. For this reason, many dog owners prefer to leave it to a professional. However, there’s no excuse not to have it done at all. Having long nails can be really uncomfortable for dogs and can potentially cause them to walk on the sides of their feet, which in turn can lead to arthritis and even bone deformations if they don’t get trimmed regularly.

4. To prevent possible ear infections

One of the many benefits of grooming our pups is that it makes ure their ears are clean and devoid of any type of blockage. Your pup’s ears may have hair deep in the canal that needs to be removed. Some dogs can be prone to ear infections (particularly ones who have long, floppy ears) and may require more regular cleaning, along with hair removal, to avoid regular trips to the vets.

5. To maintain good dental health

One of the most important, but sadly overlooked aspects of grooming is dental hygiene and just like us humans, its a vital part of overall health. You should ask your vet about their recommendation for a regular dental routine and include it in your grooming schedule. Like nail trimming, cleaning a dog’s teeth yourself can be difficult, so many people like to call in the professionals.

6. To keep their eyes clean and heathy

Getting rid of hair from around your pup’s eyes is not just about making them look nice.  Long hair in their eyes can not only irritate your dog, but can cause damage to their eyes too.  Regularly removing this hair keeps them healthy and alerts you to any crusts or issues around the eyes that need to be checked over by a vet.

7. To check for abnormalities

Another benefit of grooming your dog is that you or the dog groomer become more familiar with your dog’s body. The more familiar you are with it, plus how their skin feels and how they respond when you touch them, the more you’re able to tell if there’s unusual lumps, bumps, cuts, grazes,  spots, or even swelling on their body. The quicker you can detect them, the faster you can take your pup to the vet.

To summarise, all seven reasons to groom your dog regularly, really come down to one thing:  the fact that your pup can’t always communicate to you when there’ s a problem.  They are completely reliant on you to make decisions for them, whether it’s feeding, watering, walking or grooming them. As dog lovers, the best way we can show our dogs how much we love them is to ensure that they are healthy, happy and comfortable. 

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