5 New Year’s Resolutions for you and your Pup

Tiny doggies living their best life

January 2020

As we start a brand new year and decade, we thought it would be useful to share some tips to kick things off happily and healthily.

1. Set aside more playtime

No pup has ever had too much playtime! They love to play and bond with you, but sometimes with busy lives, setting aside playtime can be hard. In 2020 however, why not resolve to devote a bit more time to your furry friend? It will make them happier and calmer, plus help you both get extra exercise too.

2. Brush their teeth more often

While dog grooming is generally taken seriously by owners, especially brushing their coat to prevent shedding, brushing their teeth is quite often neglected duty. Another good New Years resolution is to brush their teeth more often and give them daily dental chews. This is especially important as your dog grows older, so its worth investing in some dog toothpaste and a dog toothbrush early on and get them used to it. If you find it too tricky or are simply too busy, we can of course organise it for you so just give me a call.

3. Take them on one new exciting walk every month

With our busy lives, walking the dog is such a routine that we don’t think about changing it. However, this dog New Year resolution should change all that! We recommend mixing your walk routine up with one new exciting walk on a monthly basis. This could be taking them on a hike, to a heritage estate, the beach or woods. Your pup will just love the new sights and smells – and so will you!

4. Schedule regular check-ups with the vet

The majority of us rarely think about the vet unless our dog needs a booster or if they fall ill. But even if your dog seems completely healthy, we encourage you to take them to the vet for regular check-up. Some illnesses don’t have obvious symptoms, but a check-up could catch something in its early stages. We recommend Cuffes Vets in Abbeville Road, but once again if you are too busy we are always available to take them for you.  Just ask me for details.

5. Improve their diet

Did you know we deliver dog food? Many of our clients’ pups have Benyfit raw food delivered by us each week.  Our convenient delivery service not only saves the hassle of buying direct, but there’s no minimum order and we sell at cost price, so its excellent value. Just call or text me to set up this service for your dog.

Not sure about a raw diet? Among the many ‘Benyfits’ both us and our clients’ dogs see are cleaner teeth and better breath, healthier skin, smaller, dryer stools, improved digestion, shiny, soft coat, less allergies, less health issues and less vet visits. Drop me a line if you’d like to try a free sample! 


 “Ziggy has been on a raw diet with Benyfit since he was a puppy and we can’t recommend it highly enough. His coat is beautiful, his teeth are white and in the 3 years we’ve had him he’s never been ill. It’s also much more cost-effective than you’d think. Having Bruno deliver it to us each week is the icing on the cake. We don’t ever think about dog food, it arrives with him when he gets home from ‘school’ and we just add it to the day-care bill!’     Lauren Leopold, Paw-rent to Ziggy