Information for clients

Help us to deliver great service to everyone

We pride ourselves on providing our clients and their pups with the absolute best service possible. In order for us to do that, we're asking for your help in managing our doggy's bookings. As we're sure you can imagine, it’s quite a task to manage multiple pick-ups and drop-offs while providing these high levels of service.

The team would really appreciate it if the following guidelines are adhered to: 

1. Our working hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Please only text or call us during these times. 

2. For clients who use occasional services or non-fixed dates, bookings must be made by Thursdays @ 5pm for the upcoming week. This is because we draw up our schedule in advance to organise how many staff to work in the following week. If we recieve late bookings (ie after Thursday for the upcoming week), there will be a £5.00 additional fee. 

3. Cancellation at the last minute will be charged unfortunately, as we have to pay the staff that have already been scheduled. 'Last minute' is classed as when the week has already started. 

4. Please have your dog ready to go in the mornings so that we can make sure all the other pups are picked up on time and they all have as much time as possible on the farm This includes:

  • Making sure they are fed before we pick them up or leave food out for us to feed them 
  • Ensuring they have their collar and / or harness on
  • If you wish t take your dog for a stroll before daycare, please make sure that it's done before our arrival

5. Please keep on top of your dog's vaccinations. It is a requirement to attend daycare.

We hope you understand these guidelines are necessary in order to keep our beloved dog business running well and smoothly. If you have any questions, as always please do get in touch.